Family Scholarship Program: Notes from Families Who Have Received Scholarships

February 15, 2011


Wonderful notes from families who received scholarships from TACA


Thank you so much for all your help!  The scholarship was so helpful in moving my son forward on his autism treatment plan. We identified areas that needed additional work and have laid out a plan of action to correct these. For example his labs which included hair analysis, toxic metals reports and markers have directed us to what type of treatment he needs helped set an effective path for that.  We added additional supplements for inflammation and are now supplementing with some additional minerals and amino acids to cover what was low.  Because of this, his overall health has increased and I know will be better in the future. His behavior, demeanor and overall health is also increasing with every step toward better health. Dr. Amy Derksen has been outstanding in helping us stretch each dollar to achieve a maximum benefit to help us as well. I cannot thank you enough for all the help this has been to our family!


For any parent when your child needs something; whether it is, shoes or food and you cannot provide it for them it is a very painful feeling.  But, when a child needs medical care and the parent cannot provide it, the pain of knowing that your child could be living a more enjoyable productive life and knowing that the care they need is just out of your reach is a much deeper pain that I would not want to wish on anyone.

The TACA Scholarship has helped to ease that pain for my family. It has allowed us to continue on the road of recovery for our son when we were at a crossroads.  It has built a "bridge" between sickness and wholeness and allowed us to take more steps across.

There is no way I can ever repay TACA for what they have done for us. But, I know one way is to tell anyone that will listen what TACA and biomedical treatment has done for my son and I will do so as long as I have breath.


I had wanted for so long to send my son to a MAPS doctor.  I researched countless hours on the Internet and read many books trying to find answers for some of the bio-medical problems that my son was facing.  We had been doing the SCD for over a year and had been using supplementation off and on throughout that time but had seen little progress.

I suspected he had yeast, I knew he had gastrointestinal problems but I was afraid to administer any harsh treatments without the support and guidance of a doctor.  After receiving the scholarship to see Dr. West we were able to better pinpoint some of his conditions and treat them accordingly.

It took several months to see any improvements but now he is starting to be more present and doing some reciprocal play.  He seems more connected to others and most noticeably he stopped engaging in self-injurious behaviors.  He used to bang his head, bite and pinch himself and others constantly.  We are still working on the pinching and an occasional bite to someone else but his self-injurious behavior has completely stopped.  It's such a relief.  Using ABA therapy we had tried so many different ways to eliminate this activity but it only seemed to cause new ones to erupt.  I'm certain that treating my son's gut and yeast problems has had a major impact on the degree of pain he is suffering and therefore helped him be more at peace.


When my husband and I were given the autism diagnoses, it felt like our world was no longer in color. Our world had turned into black and white. Our future plans were shattered by this word, our hearts torn into pieces. I would wake up with Autism, breathed Autism, at the end of each day I had no more tears, when I slept it was not with beautiful music in my ears, when I slept it was the constant thought of the of the six letter word.

After researching the biomedical world, I was eager to begin my journey and help my boys become healthier, but I realized that it was going to have a price. I again, began to wonder how my boys would have a chance to get treatment. Luckily I found TACA. Words like Hope and Faith were no longer in my vocabulary, not until TACA came into our lives. There are not enough words to describe our gratitude. TACA has given our family the opportunity to see our lives in color. TACA has given our family the opportunity to look ahead at a brighter future. After a few months of beginning biomedical treatment, my family, friends, teachers and therapist have noticed the change in my boys. Thank you!