Accomplishments: 2006

Current Accomplishments

Talk About Curing Autism goals are to continue to educate, support and provide services to help families affected by autism, build communities, and help their children be the best they can be.

Below are our key accomplishments from 2006:

  1. TACA was founded in November 2000 with 10 families meeting in the Ackerman living room. By the end of December 20006, TACA has grown to serve almost 2,200 families.

  2. The first TACA e-newsletter was sent in January 2002. In 2006 we added 800 subscribers, bringing the total distribution list to almost 2,800 autism parents and professionals.

  3. Continued to provide 95% of program services at no cost to families. Information on TACA programs and mission.

  4. Held over 83 education and support group meetings including three new parent seminars helping almost 150 families as they began their autism journey.

  5. Distributed almost 1,000 free Autism Journey Guides to families at TACA meetings. This is approximately 250 more than were distributed in 2005, and double the number from 2004.

  6. Held first TACA medical conference with exhibitors drew more than 200 attendees.

  7. TACA a prominently featured in Orange County Register article promoting social awareness of autism in the community.

  8. For the first time TACA published two printed newsletters that were distributed to over 10,000 people.

  9. In collaboration with Thoughtful House Foundation, TACA provided 30 medical treatment scholarships to children affected by autism, who otherwise would have been unable to afford treatment.

  10. Web site hits from 20,000 hits per month in 2004 to over 60,000 average hits per month in 2006. This is up almost 10,000 from the previous year.

  11. The free TACA Resources list has grown from 1,300 to over 1,400 resources provided at no charge to families in an easy to use web accessible format. In 2006 each resource was called and all information verified.

  12. 200 books were added to libraries in TACA locations for families to utilize at no costs.

  13. Provided over 75 mentor introductions for new families to obtain support and guidance from an experienced TACA family. 12 TACA mentors, nine moms and three dads, traveled to Chicago for the Autism One conference in Chicago to provide onsite mentoring for families.

  14. TACA launched three new programs, Families in Crisis Scholarship Fund, a marriage and family counseling group, and a social skills group for teens with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s.

  15. Through the Families in Crisis Scholarship Fund TACA provided financial assistance to 11 families in crisis to help with emergency needs. Six additional families were provided with information to access existing programs outside of TACA to help solve crisis. TACA adopted 14 families over the holidays.

  16. TACA held one marriage and family counseling group in Orange County with 10 people over 8 weeks. In a post-group survey participant’s consistently felt that attending the group improved their marital relationships. Based on the initial success of this group Orange County Regional Center has agreed to fund partial expenses for continuing this program.

  17. TACA held one social skills group for 10 high functioning or Asperger’s teens and provided mandatory simultaneous parent support. Group worked on social skills, life skills and each participant walked away with at least one friend. Three months post group, the participants are still getting together and maintaining friendship.

  18. Increased fundraising efforts by over 80% in 2006 from diverse funding sources that can be replicated annually.

  19. Developed relationship with Jack FM radio that resulted in frequent radio spots on autism and TACA around Southern California and concert benefiting TACA that resulted in almost $45,000.

  20. TACA 3 rd Annual family picnic increased revenue by 57% and increased attendance by 200.

  21. TACA’s family liaison and families in crisis coordinators handled 200 calls & 3,000 emails a month from TACA members.

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