Accomplishments: 2007

Current Accomplishments

Talk About Curing Autism goals are to continue to educate, support and provide services to help families affected by autism, build communities, and help their children be the best they can be.

Below are our key accomplishments from 2007:

  1. TACA was founded in November 2000 in Orange County, California with 10 families meeting in the Ackerman living room. In September 2007, TACA went national, hiring part-time regional managers who are parents or grandparents of children with autism to provide support throughout the nation to families reaching out for help. In 2006 TACA served 2,200 families, in 2007 TACA served more than 6,000 families.

  2. Actress and New York Times best-selling author Jenny McCarthy becomes a TACA mom! Jenny volunteered to serve as TACA celebrity spokesperson and spread a huge amount of autism awareness and hope through a publicity tour for her book Louder than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism with appearances on Oprah!, the View, Larry King Live, and 20/20.

  3. The first TACA e-newsletter was sent in January 2002. In 2007 we added almost 4,000 subscribers, bringing the total distribution list to more than 6,800 autism parents and professionals.

  4. Continued to provide 95% of program services at no cost to families. Information on TACA programs and mission can be found at

  5. TACA coordinators handled 300 phone calls and 3,500 e-mails per month from families across the country looking for support.

  6. Held more than 100 education and support group meetings including three new parent seminars helping almost 150 families as they began their autism journey.

  7. Distributed almost 2,000 free Autism Journey Parent Guides to families at TACA meetings. This is double the number distributed in 2006.

  8. Held our largest ever TACA medical conference, with more than 400 people attending.

  9. TACA prominently featured in three Orange County Register articles. Over 2 dozen articles featured TACA in 2007. TACA representatives were also interviewed on a variety of local and national news programs on a variety of topics.

  10. TACA published two printed newsletters that were distributed to more than 10,000 people.

  11. TACA partnered with Pediatric Partners in Florida for Dr. Jerry Kartzinel to see more than 50 Southern California families. TACA also provided 10 medical treatment scholarships to children affected by autism, who otherwise would have been unable to afford treatment through our California Medical Fund.

  12. The TACA website was visited by more than 600,000 individuals looking for autism support and information.

  13. Almost 500 books were added to libraries in TACA locations for families to utilize at no costs.

  14. TACA provided more than 75 mentor introductions for new families to obtain support and guidance from an experienced TACA family. TACA mentors traveled to five national conferences (Autism One, two DAN! Conferences, USAA Conference and the National Autism Association Conference).

  15. Through the Families in Crisis Fund TACA provided financial assistance to 20 families in crisis to help with emergency needs. Twenty-nine additional families were provided with information to access existing programs outside of TACA to help solve their crisis. TACA also adopted 20 families over the holidays.

  16. TACA held three marriage and family counseling group in Orange County with each including 10 people over 8 weeks. In a post-group survey participant’s consistently felt that attending the group improved their marital relationships.

  17. TACA held two social skills group, each for 10 high functioning or Asperger’s teens and provided mandatory simultaneous parent support. The group worked on social skills, life skills and each participant walked away with at least one friend. Three months post group, the participants are still getting together and maintaining friendship.

  18. TACA signed on to be part of the Autism Collaboration, a group of organizations that have joined to coordinate parent-driven research in a united effort –

  19. Lisa Ackerman participated in American Academy of Pediatrics meeting held in October, 2007 with the goal of soliciting the AAP’s support and encouragement of biomedical treatments in autism.

  20. Becky Estepp attended the first week of the Omnibus Vaccine Court Hearings in Washington, DC held in June. She represented TACA in the audience as well as provided daily reports on the proceedings for Autism One Radio.

  21. TACA held a thoughtful debate, Vaccines and Autism, Is There a Connection? with David Kirby and Arthur Allen at UC San Diego.

  22. TACA created a national e-mail discussion group, TACA-USA, which currently has more than 400 members.

  23. TACA sponsored the Age of Autism web site, the nation's first daily Web newspaper for the environmental-biomedical community.

  24. Increased fundraising efforts by more than 200% in 2007 vs. 2006, from diverse funding sources that can be replicated annually.

  25. TACA was the beneficiary of 18 special events – two were put on by TACA, and the remainder were developed and managed by others in the autism community.

  26. Received grants from Boeing Employees Community Fund, the S. Mark Taper Foundation, Ingram Micro, and Pacific Life Foundation.

  27. Continued relationship with Jack FM radio that resulted in frequent radio spots featuring Jenny McCarthy and Lisa Ackerman on autism and TACA around Southern California and held a concert benefiting TACA that raised $36,000.

  28. TACA 4th annual family picnic was our largest ever, with more than 1,900 in attendance and almost $90,000 raised.

  29. Held the first Ante Up for Autism gala and poker tournament in Newport Beach, California, hosted by Jenny McCarthy. This spectacular evening raised more than $370,000.

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