TACA & Jenny McCarthy

July 21, 2010


By Lisa Ackerman
October 5, 2008

I met Jenny McCarthy in 2005. It was the same meeting that I've had with a thousand other moms.

In fact it was another mom who referred Jenny to TACA.  Jenny was looking for information to help her son Evan who was recently diagnosed – and that is key mission of TACA – speeding the time from diagnosis to effective treatment.

I remember exactly how she looked that day. It was only six years earlier that I had that same look and desire to help my child, but there was no TACA to turn to.

Jenny is an extraordinary mom. She ran with every bit of information that she gleaned from TACA’s website, individual mentoring and community outreach efforts and was back when she needed more. As Evan improved Jenny kept good on her promise to get involved.

From June 2007 until October 2008 Jenny served as Spokesperson for TACA. During that time Jenny went public with what she had learned: Autism is Treatable.

She also was involved in TACA events and fundraising actives including donating a percentage of the proceeds from her third book, Life Laughs, to TACA.  Jenny has also donated a percentage of the proceeds from her other books to Generation Rescue with Mother Warriors and UCLA with Louder than Words.

Recently, she decided to take on an expanded role with her autism organization Generation Rescue. They provide yet another perspective on the Autism issues facing our country and children. Given her new role she felt she could no longer represent TACA.

I applaud Jenny for continuing her work to help families affected by Autism and thank her for the last year of involvement with TACA.

At TACA we will be continuing our mission of building the Autism community one parent and one child at a time.