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The healthy gut contains both yeast and good bacteria, in balance with each other. In many individuals with ASD, however, one or the other can be out of balance. Bacteria can overgrow, or there can be a complete lack of bacteria. Also, bad bacteria can develop and take over, rather than good bacteria, causing major problems for our children.

Overgrowth is made possible by a dysfunctional immune system or gastrointestinal distress. A healthy immune system and regular, healthy bowel movements should keep the candida in check. Occasionally, these complex systems “get out of check” and overgrowth of bad bugs becomes an issue. Keeping the diet low in carbohydrates will help to keep the yeast in check. The SCD-CF diet is the single most successful diet used in Autism.

Common symptoms of yeast overgrowth are stimming, inappropriate laughing or crying, loss of toilet skills and picky eating.

Learn more about symptoms, tests, treatments at What Is Yeast Overgrowth?

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Yeast: Learn what yeast looks like, and what causes it.
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