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Your Autism Journey

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A visual foundation of best practices for your child

Early Intervention (Part B), Ages 0-3


If your child is under the age of 3, contact Early Intervention (Birth to 3 is called Part B) as soon as possible. Do not wait, you will never get that time back and it can take weeks or months to get services started. Early Intervention does not require a diagnosis, just delay. Early Intervention will bill private health insurance and then they pick up any remaining fees in most states. New Jersey charges a sliding fee based on income. What it covers includes Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Speech Therapy (ST) and Behavioral/ Developmental interventions.

Autism Journey Blueprints

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Early Intervention (Part B), Ages 0-3: Does not require a diagnosis, just delay. Will bill private health insurance and pick up any remaining fees. Covers OT, PT, ST and behavioral and developmental interventions.
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