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Further refine diet: remove phenols, salicylate and corn


Phenols, salicylates, food dyes, and additives are problems that can be addressed after the GFCFSF diet has been started. Generally, it is recommended for parents to address foods high in phenols, salicylates, and additives about 2-6 months after starting the Gluten-, Casein-, Soy-free Diet (GFCFSF) or other similar diet.

Phenols are unique properties that can found in high or low amounts in different foods. High levels of phenols in certain foods seem to affect children with autism and individuals with sensitive digestive and/or immune systems. In addition, salicylates and additives can also have a negative affect the aforementioned individuals and in many cases, need to be avoided altogether.

Corn can be hard for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) people to digest and can be tough to remove from the diet and home until you learn all of the names manufacturers can call corn.

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Further refine diet: remove phenols, salicylate and corn
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