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Your Autism Journey

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A visual foundation of best practices for your child

Get a MAPS Doctor


MAPS is the Medical Academy of Pediatrics Special Needs. MAPS doctors specialize in the medical issues commonly found in individuals with autism, using a functional medicine approach. A group similar to MAPS was DAN! (Defeat Autism Now), but they closed in 2011.

You can find doctors online or on your insurance plan’s list, but recommendations from other parents save time, money and effort. Research prospective doctors by contacting your closest TACA chapter, joining our Facebook group, going to a conference where the doctor you are considering is presenting, watching conference videos online, or viewing webinars.

Be prepared for your appointment so you get the most out of it.

Learn about billing insurance before you go.

Autism Journey Blueprints

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Get a MAPS Doctor: Get a referral from other parents. Learn about billing insurance before you go.
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