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Your Autism Journey

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A visual foundation of best practices for your child

Medical/Health: Diet and Biomed


Medical interventions are not just for the very young. There is no “window” that closes; rather, we’ve seen many families start medical treatments with teens and adults with great success. As always, health is the main goal. Even if recovery doesn’t happen, every child deserves to be healthy; medical treatments provide the path to health.

Exercise is one of the most beneficial treatments used with people with ASD. People with ASD need opportunities to be out and about just as their peers do. Recreation gives them a break from therapy, but still engages them; it gives them much-needed exercise and a view into the real world (instead of being locked in their own); and it keeps the family from being segregated from their community, which is common and potentially dangerous. Isolated families experience more stress; which exercise and outings can help alleviate. A simple walk after dinner gets everyone out of the house and keeps them healthy.

Autism Journey Blueprints

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Medical/Health: The GFCFSF Diet and biomedical treatments work regardless of age by starting them with a teen can present different challenges. Keep your child active and engaged with extracurricular activities.
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