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Private Health Insurance


Many insurance companies view autism as "untreatable". They consider autism as untreatable so they don’t have to cover anything related to it.

If you have such a plan, almost any treatment billed to the insurance company with a diagnosis (ICD9) code of 299.0, 299.1, 299.8 or 299.9 will either be denied or limited. Therefore it is CRUCIAL that you submit bills that charge for the symptoms you are actually treating, not autism. For example, the AAP admits that approximately 70-85% of ASD kids have treatable gastrointestinal disorders but you cannot submit a bill to the insurance company for treatment of Gastroenteritis under ICD9 code 299, autism. You must submit it under Gastroenteritis. Successful insurance coverage follows that principal – bill for the symptoms you are actually treating.

Bottom Line: Treating co-morbid illnesses/issues that often “come with” autism is extremely important. Do not trust when medical symptoms of a treatable issue are explained as autism. Seek medical assistance for each child’s unique needs.

Autism Journey Blueprints

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Private Health Insurance: Read the TACA insurance booklet for complete details. For evaluations and treatments that would be considered Standard of Care by the American Academy of Pediatrics, use the 299.00 IDC-9 Diagnostic Code. For evaluations and treatments that are biomedical in nature, use the diagnostic code related to the specific medical condition.
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