School District (Part C), Ages 3-22

School District (Part C), Ages 3-22: Funding through the Department of Education. Free to families. Pays for all educational therapies, interventions and related services that are written into IEP.

Medicaid (Medwaivers/Medi-CAL):

Medicaid (Medwaivers): Medicaid will pay for medically necessary treatments like doctors, dentists, vision, prescriptions, lab tests, Occupational Therapy (OT), speech, behavioral, Physical Therapy (PT), diapers but is income-dependent. Waiver programs WAIVE the parent’s income so that the disabled child qualifies regardless of the parent’s income.

Regional Centers (CA only)

Regional Centers (California only): Each Regional Center can determine what services they fund. Generally, the Regional Centers fund ABA, respite, diapers, and day care subsidy. Children with a “substantial” developmental disability qualify for Regional Center services.

Private Health Insurance

Many insurance companies view autism as “untreatable”. They consider autism as untreatable so they don’t have to cover anything related to it. If you have such a plan, almost any treatment billed to the insurance company with a diagnosis (ICD9) code of 299.0, 299.1, 299.8 or 299.9 will either be denied or limited. Therefore it […]

Tax Deductions

Itemizing your taxes can be a pain, but it can save you a lot of money. Among the things you can deduct are specialty schooling, special diets, supplements and vitamins, any healthcare expenses, therapies, aides, evaluations, exercise programs, transportation, medical travel, conferences, diapers, home improvements and more. Use our handy, free templates and save those […]

Budget Tips

There are many treatments available today to help our kids, which is wonderful, but when you have no way to pay for them, it can be very hard for parents to get them. Current article series: Health Insurance Coverage-on-a-Budget Medical Treatment-on-a-Budget GFCFSF Diet-on-a-Budget Autism on Public Assistance GFCFSF Diet on Food Stamps Medical Travel On […]

Other State Funding

Most every state has another program for children with disabilities. Google search “developmental disabilities funding” and the name of your state. You can also contact your local TACA chapter if there is one in your state or join TACA-USA Yahoogroup and ask for help there.

Federal Programs (SSI, Food Stamps/SNAP)

Federal Programs (Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Food Stamps/SNAP): You must qualify for these programs on income and disability. If you do qualify, you can get up to $735* cash per month for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and up to $649* a month (for a family of 4) of Food Stamps (aka SNAP). These are the […]

Grants and Scholarships

There are more than 25 national grants, and many more local grant programs available for children with ASD for various funding. Google search “autism scholarship” or “autism grant” and your state. There are many autism community grants available to cover various needs. They may change and each have their own deadlines and requirements. TACA offers […]

Early Intervention (Part B), Ages 0-3

If your child is under the age of 3, contact Early Intervention (Birth to 3 is called Part B) as soon as possible. Do not wait, you will never get that time back and it can take weeks or months to get services started. Early Intervention does not require a diagnosis, just delay. Early Intervention […]