Talk About Aching Calves for Talk About Curing Autism

By Jackie Moore Pictured: 126.2 Runners, Deano Montreuil, John McBrayer, Johan “Taz” Desmet, Errol Josephs, Jason Miller and Eric Loffland along with the 126.2 Crew and Jackie Moore, TACA This Friday, January 18th at 4:00 AM, an amazing group of runners will start from Turner Field in Downtown Atlanta on a 126.2 mile, 2 day […]

Shh…. The Secret to Successful IEP Meetings: Part 1 – How to prepare

Blog by Summer Stech, Esquire – TACA’s Legal Advocate TACAnowblog series: Legal Advocacy The new school year is finally underway! Of course a new school year means it is time to start thinking about your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Although many annual IEP’s are developed in the Spring – due to the prevalence of […]

The Real Cost of Special Education: Considering the Return on Investment

Blog by Summer Stech, Esquire – TACA’s Legal Advocate TACAnowblog new series:  Legal Advocacy Return on investment is defined as “a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.”  The benefit of the investment made is divided by the cost.[1]  A greater benefit […]

A Mouse Model for the Immune Dysregulation Subtype of Autism

 By guest blogger & TACA Physician Advisory Member:  Dr. Cindy Schneider A landmark paper was published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have successfully created an animal model for autism.[i]  By injecting mice with synthetic double-strand RNA, they were able to precipitate an […]

Autism: It takes an entire family

by Guest Blogger:  Nancy Cook A Grandmother’s Journey Everyone talks about being a mother and how devastating it is when your child diagnosed with autism.  I bring a different perspective, that of a grandmother.  My grandson was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 3.  That day I not only lost my grandson, but I lost […]

A huge loss in the scientific community looking into autism

Guest blogger & TACA Physician Advisory:  Dr. Elizabeth Mumper The mother was beautiful, smart, and resourceful. She dedicated most of her life to the care of her son who had autism. Her voice cracked during her phone call when she told me, “my son died during the night.” Her son was 20 years old. He […]

Autism in Past Tense: Recovered. Really.

By Guest Blogger: Holly Riley In November I spent four whirlwind days at the Autism Research Institute’s conference in Las Vegas. This was not a vacation. The ARI conferences are intense and full of information, and I was volunteering as a Parent Mentor at the TACA booth and Coffee Talk meetings. So when I wasn’t […]

Letter to parents looking at biomedical intervention for autism

Guest Blogger: Andrew Zimmerman In this photo: the amazing Zimmerman family with TACA Founder (NOTE:  This is a feature from the new TACA Autism Journey Guide – Volume 2. For more information please see:  ) Dear Parents, I am writing this to encourage you to consider biomedical interventions for your child. I hope many […]

DSM 5: LAST CALL TO ACTION. Proposed Changes in the Autism Diagnostic Criteria

By Holly Bortfeld DSM-5 Draft Criteria Open for Public Comment Mental health diagnostic manual available for final online comment period The DSM – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association – is like a giant catalog of diagnoses. It’s the “bible” that lists the criteria for each disorder. DSM-IV-TR […]

The Big Time

Guest blogger: Janice Kern, TACA North Dakota Small town USA is a buzz in Spring with sports teams making it past district competitions, sectionals or regionals in order to make it to ‘The Big Time’ — the State Tournament.  Where we live, believe it or not, we are now sending a third team to a […]

Honest Thoughts from a Sibling: I am affected by autism too

TACAnow Guest Blog: By Amber Betzold Growing up with a profoundly autistic sibling has been an adventure. It has been at times both painful and enlightening. I think in some ways I matured faster than my peers with neurotypical siblings. Growing up with my brother, Beau, required me to learn patience, and I like to […]

So autism is common. Who cares?

By: Dr. Bob Sears – Pediatrician and TACA Physician Advisory Member Before you yell at me for the title, pause and sense the sarcasm. I do care; I care deeply. As a full-time practicing pediatrician, I have continued to witness an alarming increase in the number of healthy babies in my practice who regress into […]

A Physician’s Perspective on the Proposed DSM-5 Autism Diagnostic Criteria

By Dr. Bob Sears- TACA Physician Advisor   With the upcoming proposed changes in the DSM – 5 diagnostic criteria for autism, many parents are worried that their child may no longer qualify for much-needed services. One 2009 study published in Pediatrics (1) revealed that almost 40% of children who were previously diagnosed with autism improved so […]