Music to Our Ears

My daughter, Ryan, was born December 4, 2002. Three and a half years later, she was diagnosed with autism. I became concerned about her development at age 2 ½, when she didn’t answer to her name, protested any demand placed on her, and was extremely tactile-defensive.

The Autism Bible

When you first undergo the shock of the newest word to your vocabulary…. “Autism” you go through a roller coaster of emotions. I remember reaching out to friends and family, all of whom were as clueless as I was, but still secretly hoping they would be by my side as I started this incredible journey.

TACO,TACA?: A Father’s First TACA Parent Meeting

“I need you to go to this meeting about how to deal with school districts.” “There will be lawyers there that you can talk to, and other parents, and advocates, and no school people and…..” “Okay, okay” I finally blurted out, where is it? “It is at TACA” my wife explained. “TACO, what the heck is TACO?” My wife sternly corrected me, “It’s called Talk About Curing Autism, T-A-C-A! and you are going.”

Roadmap has led to Progress for Adam

We were also truly blessed in being referred to Lisa Ackerman and TACA within a week of hearing that our son may have autism. Although our now 8-year-old son is not recovered (yet), he attends a regular education elementary school, gets straight As, adores his little sister and plays the piano beautifully. I am deeply thankful to TACA for so many of these miracles.