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 Hope Room 1Believe Room 2
7:30AM-8:00AM PSTWelcome Address
with Lisa Ackerman
Vendor Viewing/Mentor Booth
8:00AM-8:55AM PSTManaging Challenging Behaviors:
The Struggle is Real
with Jared Skowron, ND
IEP Basics - Program Design for Success: Tips and Strategies for Parents and Providers
with Mark Woodsmall, Esq
9:00AM-10:00AM PSTMedications And Nutritional Supplements In Autism: An Evidence-Based Review
with Dan Rossignol, MD
The Role of Assessments in Education Planning
with Debbie Dobbs, MS
10:15AM-10:45AM PSTTake Action Workshop on Medical
with Dan Rossignol, MD and Kelly Steffens
Take Action Workshop on IEPS
with Catherine Whitcher, MEd
11:00AM-11:45AM PSTIonCleanse Sponsor Spotlight
Vendor Viewing
12:00PM-12:55PM PSTDietary Detours
with Anju Usman Singh, MD
Special Education & IEP Transition: Preparing for Life after High School
with Tim Adams, Esq
1:00PM-2:00PM PSTNO CONTROL - How Hidden MSG in Processed Food Creates Cravings and Fuels America’s Health Crisis
with Katie Reid, PhD
Navigator PREP: Transition to College
with Ashley Milito, M.A.
2:15PM-2:45PM PSTTake Action Workshop on Diet & Nutrition
with Anju Usman Singh, MD and Christa Robaina
Take Action Workshop on Adulthood
with Ashley Milito, M.A. and Jacey Smith
2:45PM-3:15PM PSTVender Viewing
3:15PM-4:10PM PSTYour Brain in Autism And The Spectrum Of Mast Cell Activation: From Histamine Intolerance To Mastocytosis And Everything in Between
with Theoharis C. Theoharides, PhD
DIY Fitness; Home-Based Exercise for the Unmotivated Athlete
with Eric Chessen, MS
4:15PM-5:15PM PSTWhen You Suspect Immune Driven Encephalopathy: How can a parent take action?
with Kara Darling
Occupational Therapy In Pediatrics
with Sara Weirich, MS, OTR/L
5:30PM-6:00 PM PSTTake Action Workshop on Immune Issues
with Gabriella True
Take Action Workshop on Therapies
with Sara Weirich, MS, OTR/L
6:00PM-6:15 PM PSTVendor Viewing
6:15PM-7:15 PM PSTMitochondria and Autism—What are the latest updates about Suramin and Nextgen therapies?
with Robert K. Naviaux, MD

 Hope Room 1Believe Room 2
7:30AM-8:00AM PSTVendor Viewing
8:00AM-8:55AM PSTLet’s Start at the Very Beginning: Understanding What the Health Issues are and How to Begin to Heal Them
with Julie Buckley, MD
It’s All About Communication
with Darlene Hanson
9:00AM-10:00AM PSTCritical Strategies for Biomedical Autism Intervention: Detoxification Support and More
with Kurt Woeller, D.O.
S2C: Mastering Motor Skills for Communication
with Dawnmarie Gaivin, RN, AT-ACP, S2C Practitioner and Dana Johnson, PhD, MS, OTR/L
10:15AM-10:45AM PSTTake Action Workshop on Beginning Medical
with Julie Buckley, MD and Jared Skowron, ND
Take Action Workshop on Spelling to Communicate with Dawnmarie Gaivin, RN, AT-ACP, S2C Practitioner and Dana Johnson, PhD, MS, OTR/L
Take Action Workshop on Speech and Communication with Darlene Hanson and Michelle Del Rosario
11:00AM-11:45AM PSTSponsor Spotlight - Spectrum Awakening
Vendor Viewing
12:00PM-12:55PM PSTAutism and Puberty
with Lindsey Wells, ND
ABLE Accounts
with Marc Ang
1:00PM-2:00PM PSTGut-Brain Axis: How substances produced by the Microbiome may contribute to Autism Spectrum Disorder
with Sarkis K. Mazmanian
Special Needs Trusts and Limited Conservatorship:
Planning to Protect Your Child with Autism
with Elizabeth McCoy, Esq
2:15PM-2:45PM PSTTake Action Workshop on Lab Testing
with Lindsey Wells, ND and Kat Smith
Take Action Workshop on Legal Issues
with DJ Jeyaram, Esq
2:45PM-3:15PM PSTVendor Viewing
3:15PM-4:10PM PSTApproach to the “Tough Nut” Child with Autism
with Dan Rossignol, MD
Strategies for Aggression and Self Injurious Behavior with Jo Anna Mazzacane, BCBA
4:15PM-5:15PM PSTMycotoxins: The Hidden Cause of Inflammatory Illness
with Julie Logan, DC
Supporting Competence: An RDI® Approach
with Brooke Wagner, M.A. RDI Program Certified Consultant and Gail Ludwig, M.A. RDI Program Certified Consultant
5:30PM-6:00PM PSTTake Action Workshop on Medical
with Lanier Rossignol, BSN FNP-C and Simran Garcia
Take Action Workshop on Behavior Therapy with Vanessa Surprise
6:00PM-6:15PM PSTVendor Viewing
6:15PM-7:15PM PST"What Worked For My Child: A Parent Perspective On Interventions" with Debbie Norman NHP, CHN , Cori Clements, Dora Jacobson and Nicole Williams

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