Thank you to EEG to Go and Lifetrients for supporting TACA's 2018 Doctors Appreciation Day.

Every day, parents and caregivers appreciate the many people involved in helping their children with autism be the best they can be. On March 30th, TACA helps families share their appreciation far and wide. Families submit a photo of their child with the doctor along with a testimony of how the doctor has helped their child and we share these pictures and testimonies on social media. Certificates of appreciation are sent to the doctors to help encourage them to keep doing what they do; help our kids with autism be their best.

We would love to include your child’s doctor as part of Doctor Appreciation Day. Submit your child's doctor here.
Submissions must be received by March 25 to be included.


"What I love most about Dr. Buckley is the way she speaks to Maddie. She ALWAYS presumes competence."

"Now we have an energetic and healthy teen and we cannot thank Dr. Rossignol enough."


"After every appointment with Dr. Jerry we leave feeling hopeful."

"I love that not only has Dr. Elliott walked in the same shoes but he continues to walk in those shoes right beside us."