Family Tips


Geared to families living with autism - 30 tips for the month of April

  1. SUSPECT: I think my child has autism - what next?
  2. JUST DIAGNOSED: Newly diagnosed? New parent quick start
  3. ON THE JOURNEY TIPS: Have a child diagnosed with autism - been diagnosed for awhile - check out theTACA autism journey blue prints/best practices
  4. NEED REAL HELP NOW? Live Chat via TACA’s website
  5. PLUG INTO YOUR COMMUNITY: Meetings & coffee talks
  6. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Parent Mentor Program
  8. BE UP TO DATE: Plug in for free - become a member
  9. WHEN THE HELP SEEMS OUT OF REACH: Family Scholarship Program
  10. Si Habla Espanol: Spanish Outreach & Services
  11. Recovery from autism is possible: Watch several families share their stories
  12. Does the window ever close? Read why it’s never too late to start helping your child with autism.
  13. Grants available to families living with Autism
  14. Autism on a budget series: Biomedical treatments on a budget
  15. Autism on a budget series: The autism diet on a budget - feed a family of four for under $320 a month!
  16. Health insurance reimbursement tips & tricks
  17. What does your child need to make meaningful progress? Get an independent assessment
  18. Preparing for your child’s future
  19. Who pays for what in the autism world
  20. Tax tips & strategies for families living with autism
  21. Finding the right professional: tips for families in selecting professionals to help your child
  22. Closing the deal with your IEP/ school district
  23. Whats for dinner? Hundreds of recipes for families with allergies
  24. Getting picky kids to eat
  25. The GFCFSF diet seems scary! How to start the GFCFSF diet over 10 weeks - simple & easy
  26. Could yeast be a problem for my child?
  27. One step forward, two steps back - what to do following a regression
  28. Affecting 30% or more Seizures & Autism - what every parent should know:
  29. Gastrointestinal issues plague most children on the spectrum at some time - what to do about it
  30. What medical treatments are available to treat autism?