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Some of our families have been told to put their child in an institution. We're hoping for Harvard.

Meeting and Location Information

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TACA holds monthly meetings in many locations throughout the United States that feature educational speakers on important topics and allow family members to connect with one another and stay on top of the latest information in the autism world. Each TACA group maintains a resource library of the latest autism books and DVDs/CDs that can be checked out by members at no charge.

Our group locations are listed in the column to the left. Each group listing contains information on TACA meetings and special events as well as a contact form.

Check out our meeting locations:

Are you wondering what happens at a TACA meeting? Watch our video.

TACA has 29 chapters in 23 states as of 2014. These groups will host all TACA programs with the exception of marriage and family counseling groups and social skills groups. These and other programs will be added regionally as contributions allow.

TACA adds new Chapter locations based on the following parameters:

  • Available funds: Each new Chapter costs approximately $20,000 for their first year to the needs of that community.
  • Available volunteer resources and donated meeting location. (At TACA we recommend that each Chapter have at least 2 volunteer coordinators with a minimum of two on the autism journey and 3-4 key volunteers prior to applying to establish a TACA Chapter.
  • Qualified applications are then interviewed by the TACA New Chapter Committee. Recommendations are made to the TACA Board in November for the following year.
  • Completion of TACA Chapter Training Course (a three day course held annually in January).

TACA Evaluates dozens of applications from across the United States to open a new Chapter each year. All Chapter Applications must be submitted by July 1 each calendar year for consideration and will begin serving their local communities in the following year. Our goal is to establish a TACA Chapter in each city with families needing help and support, but we can develop these locations as funds and volunteers become available. TACA’s growth strategy for establishing new Chapter locations is conservative and based on strict quality and training guidelines. To find out how to establish and develop a successful Chapter in your area, please contact our Chapter Manager.

All of us at TACA look forward to what the future holds and our ability to provide solid support and hope to families across the country.

One of the primary resources for TACA’s success over the past 10 years: OUR AMAZING VOLUNTEERS!

Please contact us on how you can help or become involved.