Autism on a Budget Series


I am a single mom of two adults on the spectrum so I know all about money concerns. Raising a child, or two, with ASD will break the bank!  I have also been doing parent support for over 10 years and have been asked countless times, “How am I supposed to be able to afford all this?” And as the epidemic numbers of children with ASD grew, the number of pleading parents became deafening.

There are many treatments available today to help our kids, which is wonderful, but when you have no way to pay for them, it can be very hard for parents to get them.

Imagine showing parents “HOPE” in a box, on a shelf 50-feet up, but give them no ladder to get there.  Most will walk away.  TACA’s mission is to build parents a ladder, one rung at a time.

This series is a rung, or two, and I hope it helps you help your children.

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