Autism on Public Assistance


By Holly Bortfeld with help from Moira Giammatteo

In an effort to help our families afford the treatments that can help their children, TACA introduced the very popular article series “Autism-On-A-Budget,” but with the worsening economy, we’ve been getting many more requests for help from families who are on, or considering, public assistance programs like Medicaid, Food Stamps and other programs offered by state and federal agencies.

Even in a good economy, treating autism is expensive, but in these hard times when many grant programs have been eliminated or have been reduced drastically, finding help can be even harder.

This article will offer you:

Public Assistance Programs Overview

  • This overview contains program and contact information on federal programs where you can obtain funding or services.

Resource List of Free and Low-Cost Services

  • This list covers the areas of counseling, legal aid, medical, therapies and treatments, holiday giving, disaster services and daily core needs such as food, rent, transportation, utilities, as well as a database of grant programs.

GFCFSF Diet on Food Stamps (Yes, you can!)

  • Whether your family gets food stamps or you are just looking to save money on your grocery bill, this will teach you how you can feed a family of four on the diet for as little as $318 a month (almost HALF the monthly amount of food stamps for a family of four!).  We include a menu, recipes, shopping list, the criteria we used and much more.