Autism Web Links


There are millions of web sites that have "autism" as a key word search. Here is a list of web sites that may provide beneficial information to your family.

PLEASE REMEMBER, when consulting the web for medical information please consult with a doctor before trying any medical intervention on your child.


California Resources

Autism Parent Support Sites by State

Parents Helping Parents CA
The Bay School CA
California Dept. of Education CA CA
The Jericho School FL
MAAP Services for Autism & Asperger Syndrome IN
Kentucky Dept. of Education KY
AHA New York NY
Autism Help @ Home NY
UAlbany Center for Autism NY
Redwood Learning Center NJ
Parents of Autistic Children Together NJ
Autism News Network IL
Center for the Study of Autism OR
Kids Together, Inc. PA
FEAT of Texas TX
Utah Parent Center UT
Commonwealth Service VA
Wisconsin Early Autism Project WI
Autism Society of Wisconsin WI


Autism Parent Support Site – General

Autism Non-Profit Organizations

Diagnosing Autism – The Criteria




Other Intervention Therapies

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Augmentative Communication Devices

Enzyme / Digestive Intervention

Occupational Therapy

Sensory Integration

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Visual Processing

Auditory Processing & AIT


Socialization & Playskills Therapies

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hippotherapy (Horse back riding)

Service Dogs

  • Wilderwood Service Dogs - Trained dogs to recognize autistic behaviors, stop stimming behaviors, retrieve running children and calm meltdowns.


Technology Solutions for the Disabled


Asperger's Syndrome

Tourettes Syndrome

Clothes & Shoes

Misc Treatments

Doctors & Medical Information

Speech Issues



Vitamin Supplements for Autism

Labs for Medical Testing

Dietary Information

Online GFCF Food Companies

School District & IDEA Law


Home Schooling

  • - Teaching Children with Autism
  • HSLDA - Advocates for Homeschooling

Sites on Inclusion in Typical Education Environments

Health Insurance Reports

Sample Letters


Education & Therapy Supplies

Vaccines, Mercury and Metal Toxicity

Book & Video Resources

Funding Options

  • Sallie Mae - Funding / financing for therapy, therapy supplies, intervention and other items without collateral at prime rate plus 1%.