Christian’s Recovery


I had Christian when I was 19 years old.  For the first year of his life I couldn’t imagine anything being wrong with my baby.  He smiled; he laughed; he rolled, crawled and walked on time.  At age one he had a massive overload for his little immune system.  He had two ear infections, a high fever, back-to-back treatment of major antibiotics and he was given his MMR, varicella and HIB vaccines while he was still very sick. Christian faded away for the next six months.

At age 2 he was diagnosed with full-syndrome Autism.  I met an amazing mother who introduced me to the group Talk About Curing Autism.  Before I found out about TACA, I had no clue that there was hope for my child. From that day on I knew that it was my job to get my son back and undue what had been done to him.

It has been three years since Christian was diagnosed with Autism.  I had taken what I had learned from TACA, found wonderful therapists, began a diet, found a MAPS Doctor, and took control of my child’s health.  I heard his first word when he was 38 months old, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

Today Christian attends a typical private preschool. He is the only child in the class with a diagnosis…and none of the other parents know that.  He speaks clearly, has friends, reads, pretends on the playground and even knows what he wants to be when he grows up (which of course changes weekly).

I can honestly say, if I had not found that mom (you know who you are), and not been introduced to TACA, I don’t know where Christian would be today and I don’t know if I would ever have been able to help other parents starting this journey.  Thank you TACA, thank you my hero mom, and thank you Christian for fighting this with me.  I love you.

--- Chelsi, Washington State