GFCF Infant Formula


Always consult with your pediatrician or pediatric dietitian to ensure your baby is receiving adequate nutrition in their formula.

Want to take the whole household GFCF but have an infant? Here are formulas that are GFCF:

Metagenic's UltraCare for Kids Website says it's "soy-protein free" but not "soy-free". Does not list soy in ingredients but lists "natural flavors" which could be anything.

Neocate Infant Not organic, contains soy.

Neocate Nutra (6 months+) Not organic, but GFCFSF.

Duocal Not organic, but GFCFSF.

Ross Pediatrics' EleCare Not organic, not soy-free.

Also consider Breast Milk Banks - and and

You might also ask a nutritionist for a recipe to make your own coconut milk-based formula.

Some people with ASD children with either feeding issues or failure to thrive also supplement their diets with these. If your doctor prescribes these, your medical insurance should pay for most of them.