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All men must register for Selective Service (aka the Draft), even men with autism, unless they are institutionalized.

Are Disabled Men, or Men with Medical Conditions, Required to Register with Selective Service?

The only process now in effect is that men between the ages of 18 and 26 register with Selective Service and keep their registration record current during that period. Neither the Military Selective Service Act nor the Presidential proclamation provide an exemption from registration because of a man’s mental or physical condition unless Selective Service is provided with documented evidence that the man is hospitalized or institutionalized; or home-bound and unable to function outside the home, with or without physical assistance; or is in such a physical or mental condition that he would not comprehend the nature of his registration with the Selective Service System. A determination is then made by Selective Service as to whether or not the man qualifies for exemption from registration.

You can register online or get an application from any post office.

Apply for SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

SSI will give the disabled adult up to $914 per month plus Medicaid coverage for health insurance benefits. You must apply on or after their 18th birthday. After the child turns 18, SSI no longer counts the parents income, ONLY the child’s income (if any) for eligibility. If you applied for SSI before their 18th birthday and were turned down because you, the parent made too much, reapply for just your child, as a disabled adult. Online or 1-800-772-1213

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