Grandparents of Children with Autism: Top Ten Suggestions

  1. Change Your Relationship Expectations & Provide Unconditional Love For This Child
  2. Eye Contact Might Not Happen—Don’t Expect It
  3. Hugs and Kisses Can Cause Sensory Overload for Some Children
  4. Many Children Are On A Restrictive Diet, Adhere By It—Food Does Not Equal Love
  5. Behaviors Can Be Erratic, Ignore Bad Behaviors & Praise Good
  6. Put Away Breakables During Visits
  7. Some Children Are Runners—Make Sure All Doors Are Secured
  8. Transitions Are Hard—Provide Either Verbal Or Visual Schedules
  9. When Conversing—Use As Few Words As Possible and Keep It Concrete
  10. Support The Parents—If Possible Help With Laundry, Food Preparation, Childcare, Errands, etc…