Holiday Giving Programs


The holidays can be a particularly difficult time for families who are working to make ends meet. If you are a family in need that is seeking help during the holiday season, the following programs may be available:

  • Salvation Army Adopt-A-Family Program

The Salvation Army matches impoverished families with individual or group sponsors to provide for their tangible needs during the holidays.

  • Toys for Tots

Click on “request toys” and select your state and county and you will be redirected to the Toys for Tots website for your local community.

  • St. Vincent DePaul

Many local St. Vincent DePaul Councils have services for families in need. You can find your local council at the following website. Councils are listed by city and state.

  • Volunteers of America Adopt-A-Family program

This program is available at some local offices.  You must search by zip code to find a local office near you.

  • United Way

Search for your local United Way and contact them to inquire whether they run a Holiday Giving program.

  • Feeding America

Food banks are listed by state.

  • 2-1-1 Information and Referral Search

You can find local resources by calling 211 or by visiting their website.

You can find local resources that may be sponsoring a Holiday Giving program by entering “Holiday Giving YOUR STATE” or “Holiday Help YOUR CITY” into a search engine such as Google.  You may also be able to find local religious organizations that are reaching out to families in your area.