Who Pays for What?! – A Guide to Services, Providers and Payors


Using this handy guide you will learn what services and therapies there are, who provides them, where they are provided and who is supposed to be paying for them BEFORE You start paying out of pocket.

The “Who Pays for What” document covers:

  • Service Name
  • Service Description
  • Who Delivers Service
  • Who Funds Service
  • Links
  • It also explains Coverage Types (SSI, Insurance, Medicaid, etc) as well as definitions of therapies and treatments.

Some of the services discussed in the document are:

  • ABA, OT, PT and Speech - Insurance, Medicaid/Medwaiver, DD, School, Private Pay
  • Social Skills - School, Private Pay, Medwaiver
  • Music, aquatic and Hippotherapy - DD, state grants, Private Pay
  • Diapers – Insurance, Medicaid/Medwaiver, DD, Private Pay
  • Assistive Technology - School, Medicaid/Medwaiver, Private Pay
  • Conferences – IEP, DD, state grants, Private Pay
  • Respite Care - Medicaid/Medwaiver, state grants, Private Pay
  • Vision Therapy – Insurance, Medicaid/Medwaiver, Private Pay
  • Itinerant Services – Public school
  • Driving lessons – OVR, SSI PASS Plan, state grants

Download a PDF of the Guide here.