15 years later, ready for autism answers

March 24, 2017


By Melanie Sanchez – TACA Mom


My son Andrew is 15 1/2 years old.  He is non verbal, has autism, and a lovely contagious smile.  He had a brief “sleep deprived” EEG done right after diagnosis when he was around 3 years old.  It lasted  less than an hour and hardly seemed worth the time and effort.  At the time of the first EEG, he fought the sedation for 4 hours. It seemed like another worthless test in a sea of worthless tests.  No doctor had ever suggested a follow up EEG.

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Fast forward 12 years, he had an EEG done with a caring staff revealing seizure activity all day, all night and in every area of his brain. He has probably been experiencing it for a long time as he cannot sleep and his symptoms have not been as responsive to other treatments as we had hoped. My heart aches that a proper 24 hour EEG was never suggested by his doctors.  I am leaving those feelings behind because I am hopeful that during this 15th year of life I will  hear his voice.  I am hopeful that he will finally be able to sleep, show me his strengths and his true potential.  Since his diagnosis, I have continued to look for answers for my beautiful son.  I share our story to inspire others into seeking treatment and to demonstrate that hope is ALIVE and well at my house!

Ready for answers