The Beginning of What Was to Come

December 04, 2013

What is ATEC?
What is ATEC?

My son was still constipated and cognitively delayed. Things were stagnant, and puberty was already setting in. Christian had been on these meds for six years and nothing was improving. His eye contact, social skills and vocabulary were not getting better, his academics were not going anywhere, he was falling more and more behind, and his fine motor skills were still lacking. I felt like he didn’t have a personality. Sure, the medication had helped him to focus a little, but then stopped working. These drugs wasted six years of my son’s life!

I needed help desperately. Near the end of 2011, I was on Facebook and joined a group for special needs families. One day, someone was talking about something helping their child with constipation and then started to talk about biomed. I asked what was being used for constipation and what was biomed – I’d never even heard that word!  They began to explain, and I was invited to another group specifically for biomed. I gladly accepted as I was really curious and I needed to help my son. The poor kid would clog the toilet and then sometimes he wouldn’t go for days. Sometimes he would bleed. I know that had to hurt. The discussions on this group sounded like a foreign language to me. At the beginning, I didn’t post or ask questions; I just read…and read…and read.

Then a post came across about constipation, probiotics and Epsom Salt baths. I had no idea what Epsom salt baths could actually do -- relax you, help detoxify, help constipation, etc. Next I asked where is the best place to buy probiotics and what kind do you buy. They gave me the answers I was looking for. First we started the probiotics, then the baths. Right away, my son started going to the bathroom a little more than he had been. I figured if Epsom Salt baths and probiotics are helping, then what is really going on with his GI system? I went back to that group and started reading every single file they had.

I started my son on a basic supplement program of a multivitamin, vitamin c, zinc, vitamin D3, and Cod Liver Oil. I added digestive enzymes and magnesium to his daily program, too. Then I got back on the group and asked what other things can help with constipation. George’s aloe vera juice and Oxy Powder were a couple things. Over a few months, he started going every other day, but I wanted more. I researched some more and added Trufiber to him. I gave this every night with his probiotic because this also had pre-probiotics in it to help the probiotics. After about two weeks of being on this fiber, he started going every day…success!

While I was helping to rid my son of constipation, he was still on the stimulant and non- stimulant drugs. In the group, there were posts about monthly TACA meetings, but that was three hours away from me, one-way. Then I learned that there were monthly NAA (National Autism Association) meetings in my area. I never knew we had these meetings or how long they had been happening. The next meeting topic was about biomedical interventions to help your child and the methylation pathways.

I was so nervous, but excited, to attend this meeting, which blew my mind. It was overwhelming to learn how messed up our kids’ guts and detoxification systems are, how the methylation pathways work, and how medication can sometimes make things worse and impair our kids. I learned about gene mutations and the food we eat, about how vaccines can cause havoc and what’s in the vaccines. And that all those medications that mainstream doctors are prescribing are masking the symptoms of what is really going on. WHAT?!?!?!?!   Think about it -- you’re given a medication for a symptom that you’re expressing, but I never thought to look at the underlying issues of what’s actually going on in the body which causes those symptoms.