The Beginning of What Was to Come

December 04, 2013


After that meeting, I knew I had to get my son off those meds and get him to a MAPS doctor. Someone who is a mentor to me gave me advice on what else to give my son while weaning off the meds. She told me there’s an advanced detox aid that helps and to start giving him that for the next three months. I left that first meeting in tears, but have continued to attend every month. I’ve joined more groups and I spend so much time researching. I have learned what gene mutations are, what MTHFR stands for, and how important it is to find out if you have this. I wish I’d had all this information when my son was little.

zooWhile we waited for our first appointment with the MAPS doctor, Christian was on a basic program of vitamins, probiotics, detox aid, digestive enzymes, zinc, magnesium, and Epsom salt baths, etc. I looked at what my son was eating and decided that it was best for our family to try to go as natural as we could. We eat fresh fruit and vegetables. I eliminated artificial flavors, dyes, MSG, and high-fructose corn syrup. I limit sugars and starches, because they break down into sugars after you eat them. I also make him drink tons more water and I always dilute any juice he drinks.

We went back to our psychiatrist and I informed her I wanted to wean my son off of the non-stimulant because it was not doing anything for him. She agreed and knew that I was looking into natural ways to help my son, including fixing his constipation issues. A few months later, we returned and I told her I wanted him off all medications and that I believed he was misdiagnosed with ADHD. I truly believe my son has sensory processing disorder along with the autism.  My research has taught me that ADHD and SPD have the same symptoms. This was the big one and the one I saved for last because I knew my son was going to go through withdrawals. We started weaning this drug very slowly and did it towards the end of the school year. As we were weaning, the school was noticing. Notes came home with Christian saying he isn’t focused, is a little hyper, a little more fidgety, etc. I told the teacher I would let the doctor know when we went back in May.  May 4, 2012 was the last day Christian took the medication. We never looked back, but those days of weaning and the next 90 days were so trying and difficult. Thankfully, school was almost out and we had summer to detox him from the all those drugs.

In mid-May, we went to see a doctor who “gets it” -- someone who looks at the underlying causes of what is going on with our kids. She ran blood work, as well as a urine and stool test. At the second appointment three months later, all those test results were back.  His urine test indicated he was deficient in B vitamins. His malabsorption, bacteria, cellular energy, and mitochondrial markers were in the cautionary area. Some of his amino acids were low. The stool test is what showed us a great deal of what was really going on with Christian. He did have some good gut flora, but he also had an imbalance of strep and clostridium bacteria in the gut. He had overgrowth in yeast, too. This report also show me what my son’s Secretory IgA was 12.1.  The reference range is 51-204, and this is your first line defense in the gut.

At this time, we had been on a supplement program for six months. My son was now going to the bathroom every day, which took five to six months to achieve.  We began working on healing his gut with herbals, then some prescriptions to kill off the bad bugs. While fighting the gut, I was also taking my program to the next level. I wanted to get to the bottom of all this. I found out through a blood test for gene mutations (covered by insurance!) that my son has MTHFR +/- and COMT +/-.  We have not tested the other gene mutations yet. What this means is he is an over and under methylator. So, he needs certain supplements, and then there are certain supplements I need to watch out for. I never knew about gene mutations, but we all have them and they could impact our bodies. If I had known my son’s detoxification system was already impaired…well, I would have done things differently.

The doctor also ran a Quantitative IgG AB Titers test on my son. My mentor suspected he had DTAP damage after me telling her what we went through when he was younger. My son was fully vaccinated up until the year 2010, which was the last time he saw his pediatrician. I wanted to see what he was immune to and what he wasn’t, but the reason behind me running this test was to see if he was hyper-immune and had vaccine damage, which is what I suspected since he was so sick all the time when he was younger. The report I got back was astonishing on how hyper-immune he was; DTAP being the highest of them all. We have been working on his immune system by supplementing with vitamin C and vitamin D3 and giving L-Lysine. I also started working on my son’s cognition and memory with supplements.