The Beginning of What Was to Come

December 04, 2013


We also ran a urinary porphyrin test (this was through France) because I wanted to see what kind of heavy metals my son was excreting. It turned out he was excreting high amounts of aluminum and mercury. We also did a hair test to show what my son’s minerals levels.  Those were low, too, so we added a multi-mineral supplement. We have been doing a stool test every three months. Each time things seem to improve, but he still had parasites.  Yeast was under control, but clostridium and strep in the gut were slowly climbing. We worked hard on my son’s gut this past summer. Things seemed to get better, then they got worse. I suspected bad bacteria because of his symptoms. We did the stool test, and ran some more blood work so we would have everything we needed before our visit with the doctor. This last stool test (August 2013) was by far was the best Christian ever had. It showed his yeast was still down and his beneficial gut flora was up. Clostridium was at its ultimate high of 3+, which was not good, but for the first time we had NO PARASITES in all three of the stool samples. His Secretory IgA, which is the first line defense, was at its ultimate high of 151; remember, his very first stool test was a 12.1 and the reference range is 51-204. We are healing his gut!

It’s been two years since beginning this biomed journey -- the best two years of my life. Even though I was overwhelmed in the beginning, I’m not anymore. I feel at ease with the decisions I make for my son. Before, I kept questioning our lives and where we were headed. Now, I have hope. Since being on this journey; I have learned a great deal about myself and my beliefs. I have met so many wonderful parents and their kids. I have met a family who recovered their child from autism. I have heard their stories and met their daughter. Recovery is possible. I have been to Autism One twice and learned a great deal from the doctors who help our kids, but more importantly, I have learned how to help my son.

Since weaning my son off those meds, he has transformed right in front of our eyes. He has been medication-free for a year and a half and we have been doing biomed for two years. Christian has greatly improved because of biomed. He no longer has constipation issues and his gut is healing. His immune system is getting better. He is responding well with adding in the vitamins and minerals his body was lacking. We will eventually get those metals out of him and I will continue to work closely with our MAPS doctor.

Christian is now in the 8th grade, but he is performing at a 3rd grade level. He is not on diploma track and not mainstreamed, which is why I am working so hard to improve his level of independence and my hopes of him getting his GED.

Through this experience and in the time that we have been doing biomed, his eye contact has gotten better. His awareness of things around him and noticing of people, things, places and objects have totally blown us away. His everyday hyperactivity has diminished. He does get excitable when around other kids, but the overall hyperactivity we were once seeing is gone. He still stims every now and then, but not as bad as it was before. My son’s taste for things has greatly improved and he tries new foods, including salad. His appetite has improved as well. His social skills and interaction with people have greatly improved. He wouldn’t bother before, but now he engages with people. He is really interested in storms, tornadoes and the weather. His balance and coordination have improved along with his fine motor skills. His handwriting has gotten better, though it still needs work.