Congraduations Christian!

June 19, 2014


By Lisa Ackerman

Recovery happens (1.)  As promised I will keep sharing those stories!  Meet wonderful Christian. Any parent would be proud of this great graduate. But watch and you will see that there is so much more to his story.

Not only has he overcome and recovered from autism, but his description on how an autistic trait can really help lead to success is amazing.

Congratulations Christian! He has been accepted into NYU's Tisch School of Music, but he has elected to begin his general education at a local community college this fall and transfer when he is ready for greater independence. I adore this family. Big hugs to Doug, Andrea and his sister Marley. Thank you for sharing Christian’s wonderful accomplishments with us. We cannot wait to hear about what’s next in Christian’s future!

Christians selfie

And for TACA families: there are many more graduation stories rolling in. Families who were once told “there is no hope, nothing you can do” are sharing their wonderful stories with us. We have much to be hopeful for.  The reality is that autism is truly treatable!