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TACA Illinois holds Autism Learning Seminars, Coffee Talks and family events throughout the year. Our seminars feature educational speakers on important topics for ASD families. Our Coffee Talks and family events provide more settings where families can informally network, share resources and speak with seasoned parents.

Illinois Events

Saturday, January 18

Autism: Testing & Treatments

1:00 - 5:00 PM
Palatine Library
Main Library - Room 1
700 N North Ct
Palatine, IL 60067

Speakers: Dr. Anju Usman Singh, Dr. Julie Logan, Sonja Hintz
Laboratory Testing Options for the Spectrum Disorders: Honing in to Optimize Treatment
Dr. Logan will discuss the important steps of the detailed Biomedical workup for children on the Autism Spectrum, and those suffering from related disorders, including PANDAS. She will cover the most critical laboratory assessments for obtaining a comprehensive pciture of what is going on medically in the body. Additionally she will provide insight on some of the most effective treatment strategies for the conditions most frequently uncovered.
Leveraging the Microbiome
Dr. Singh will discuss the importance of balancing the microbiome for optimal health. She will discuss the role microbial diversity has in chronic disease and tools for improving it. She will also address the issues of dysbiosis and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and how managing these issues can improve the gut brain connection.
Endocannabinoid System and the Utilization of CBD in Autism
We will review the Endocannabinoid System and CBD’s interaction with the nervous system. The difference between Hemp, Marijuana and CBD will be discussed. A review of how to identify a quality product. Autism: A brief review of the research and using CBD.
Dr. Anju Usman Singh is director/owner of True Health Medical Center and Pure Compounding Pharmacy in Naperville, Illinois. She specializes in biomedical interventions for children with ADD, Autism, PANS/PANDAS, Down Syndrome and related disorders. She has been involved in research regarding copper/zinc imbalances, metallothionein dysfunction, biofilm related infections and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. She serves on the medical advisory boards for TACA and Autism Hope Alliance, and is on faculty for MAPs (Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs). She is board certified in Family Practice and Integrative and Holistic Medicine.
Dr. Julie Logan practices with Dr. Singh at True Health Medical Center. She is a fully MAPS trained and certified physician, and specializes in working with children with the symptoms of Autism, ADD/HD, PANDAS/PANS, food sensitivities, methylation defects, GI issues, allergies, and environmental illnesses. She applies biomedical principles to restore optimal health to her patients, as well as in one of her own children.
Sonja Hintz RN, BSN has been a nurse for over 30 years. She is a graduate of Marquette University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Through the use of a therapeutic diet, biomedical treatments and other integrative therapies, her son Alex made a recovery from Autism. Currently she is working at ConnOils LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of oils and oil powders. She over sees the product line and development of AbbyChristopher: Hemp derived CBD products. She has been involved in a hemp grow for two years in Wisconsin.

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