Introducing the TACA Smartphone Donation Program

Have you upgraded your smartphone recently and now have an old device you are no longer using? If so, please consider donating your old smartphone to TACA.

Most retired smartphones (2-3 years old or newer) have substantial value! We have partnered with Mobilio, a business partner engaged in smartphone reuse/recycle programs to tap into this hidden value. This will help fund TACA programs for families affected by autism!

Eligible Smartphone Makes & Models

iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5S
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Blackberry Q10
Blackberry Z10
Blackberry Z30
HTC One Max
HTC One Mini
LG Optimus G Pro
LG Google Nexus 4
Motorola Droid MAXX
Motorola Droid Ultra
Motorola Moto X
Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia Lumia 1520
Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia Lumia 928


How it works

To donate your old smartphone, please follow these steps:

  1. Check to ensure your smartphone is on the list above.
  2. Erase your personal content from the smartphone. See instructions by phone
  3. Wrap and place smartphone in a small box to ship.
  4. If you like to receive a donation tax receipt, write your name and email address on a piece of paper and place in the box.
  5. Ship package to TACA at:
    2222 Martin Street, Suite 140
    Irvine, CA 92612



Why is TACA collecting Smartphones?
There are millions of ‘old’ smartphones sitting around in drawers or garages. These devices have hidden value and by partnering with our business partner, Mobilio, we can tap into this hidden value to fund TACA programs and families affected by autism.

Which Smartphones do you accept?
Refer to the list above.

Do you need any of my Smartphone accessories?
The charging cable and power adapter used to charge the device would be appreciated.

What will happen with my donated Smartphone?
Once we receive your shipment, we will do a factory reset to wipe all personal data and settings from the device. However, we encourage you to do the same for any device you donate. Follow the following steps to erase your content and return device to factory settings:

iPhones: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content & Settings)
In addition, if your device has been upgraded to iOS 7, you should double check to make sure that your iCloud is no longer linked to your phone. To check this go to Settings > iCloud > Account. If your phone is still linked to your iCloud account, you will see your email address at the top of the menu. You can unlink your phone by selecting "Delete Account" at the bottom of the screen.
Android devices: Go to Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset
Windows Phone 8 devices: Go to App list > Settings > About > Reset

Will I receive a donation tax receipt?
If you wish to receive a tax receipt for your donation, please include your name and email address with your donated smartphone. A receipt will be emailed to you shortly after receiving your shipment.