Cuban Burger/Slider – GFCFSF


Cuban Burger/Slider - GFCFSF

ground turkey burger patty (or whatever ground meat you like)
1 slice nitrate-free ham
GFCFSF burger buns (I used Udi's
Mayo or Roasted Garlic Aioli -
Dijon mustard
Spicy pickles
Daiya Mozzerella cheese -
2 tablespoons Earth Balance Soy-free margarine

Make patty, grill on BBQ until done. Toast bun, slather with dijon on one half, mayo/aoili on the other. set burger patty on bun, top with ham, pickles and cheese. Heat 1 tablespoon margarine in pan, set burger in pool of melted margarine, push down with hand and top with small plate, then set HEAVY pot, can, etc on the plate to smash the burger as it heats. After 2 minutes, remove weight and plate, turn burger over, adding the remaining margarine and return plate/weight to cook the other side. Cook until bun is golden and cheese is melted. Devour.