Julia's Curried Chicken Salad

March 21, 2011


Poach or roast chicken breasts:

You can do bone in and roast with skin on or poach without the skin.  If roasted, season and add olive oil.  If poached, add celery and lemon to water.  Cook to just done and cool. Pick meat off when cooled.


2 cans water chestnuts chopped
grapes, halved - about a cup for 6 breasts (this is the first thing that will go "bad" if not eaten quickly)
diced celery
minced red onion
I like a bit of chive and cilantro too

In separate bowl mix appropriate amount of mayo for number of breasts (can always add more sauce)
rice vinegar (about a 3:1 ratio...mayo being the 3)
curry powder to preference  (i like about a teaspoon)
candied ginger (crushed and minced) or fresh minced/crushed ginger and add a dollop of honey
1 tsp. (or less) of Tamari

Then I toast some nuts and toss them in. I like pine nuts and walnuts and pecans. Best after sitting in refrigerator overnight. May need more dressing the next day.