Pineapple Margaritas – GFCFSF

September 25, 2016


Pineapple Margaritas - GFCFSF

3 cups fresh pineapple chunks
1 cup fresh lime juice
1 cup tequila, preferably white/silver
1/2 cup Cointreau (GF orange liqueur)
2 tablespoons honey (if needed to sweeten)
For garnish, coarse salt for rim, lime zest or pineapple wedges

Put pineapple and lime juice in a blender and pulse until smooth*. Stir in tequila and Cointreau. Add honey to taste, if needed. Chill until ready to serve.

*If you don't like any pulp in your drink, puree the pineapple and strain before adding other ingredients - or use a juicer which separates the pulp.

Pineapple Margaritas