Pizza (REALLY!)


Pizza is a tough one to do GFCF. It is suggested you try these pizza options about 3 months into the diet – as they do not taste anything like the “real thing.”

Since my son has been GFCF he started LOVING THIS PIZZA a year into the diet!

  • Crust: ENERG pizza crust or Natures Highlights Brown Rice Pizza Crust (at Mothers, Whole Foods, Wild Oats or Henrys) or my favorite crust from Kinnikinnick via special order or it is sometimes carried via Franks Lo Carb Market, Mothers, or Whole foods. To special order:
  • Cheese: Follow your Heart Vegan Gourmet cheese alternative – Mozerella cheese (it melts). Please remember it CONTAINS SOY.
  • Toppings: Olives, peppers are all good. If you buy meats – make sure they are preservative free, nitrate and dairy free like the brand Boars Head. These can also be found at Mothers, Whole Foods, Wild Oats or Henrys
  • Most tomato sauces are GFCF – be sure to read the labels. I always buy the organic variations without additives or preservatives.

Prepare the pizza as you like and follow the directions on the CRUST PACKAGE DIRECTIONS. It is important to note that each manufacturer has a variation on cooking instructions!