Root Beer Popsicles



  • Root Beer - preferably corn syrup free (Corn Syrup contains MERCURY!)

Pour the root beer into a flat pan and put it into the freezer. Check it in 10-30 minutes. It will be starting to freeze on top, but not underneath. And that's good. With a fork, break up the semi-frozen top and mix it into the mixture. Put it back into the freezer for a while and do it again. What you are doing is aerating it. This is also what is called a GRANITA. When it become like slush, spoon it into the mold and let it freeze. Freeze 4+ hours and then devour!



Root Beer Popsicles – GFCFSF
Root Beer Popsicles – GFCFSF - Pour Root Beer into the Pan


Scrape up with a fork after about 20 minutes.


This is what it should look like after 2-3 scrapings. When it does, it's ready for the mold.