Western Bison Burger/Slider – GFCFSF


Western Bison Burger/Slider - GFCFSF

Bison/Beef or ground meat of your choice
Daiya Cheddar cheese - www.daiyafoods.com
Spiced Fried Onions - http://tacanow.org/family-resources/spiced-fried-onions-gfcfsf/
GFCFSF BBQ Sauce of your choice
cooked nitrate free bacon - http://tacanow.org/family-resources/baked-bacon/
Lettuce, tomato, pickles, as you like
GFCFSF burger buns (I used Udi's www.udisglutenfree.com)

Make patty, season with salt and pepper, grill on BBQ until cooked through. Top with Daiya Cheddar cheese. Let site 10 minutes while you prep the rest of the burger. Toast bun, place BBQ sauce on bottom, then patty/cheese, bacon and the toppings you like. On top bun, smear with more BBQ and onions. Enjoy.