Zach’s Kid Sushi



  • Seaweed sheets (or Nori)
  • Grilled meat (Shredded chicken, GF/CF Turkey/Beef Sausage, lunch meat would even work)
  • Scrambled Eggs, cooked as flat as possible
  • Sauteed vegetables - carrots, spinach, green beans, peppers, etc
  • Brown/White Rice (medium grain is nice and sticky)



  • A bamboo "sushi roller" can be cheaply bought at any Asian market and most grocery stores



  1. Make rice
  2. Place a sheet of seaweed on the bamboo roller and thinly spread the finished rice on 2/3 of the sheet
  3. Place meat and egg in a line in the middle of the rice.  You can julienne carrots and slightly sauté them, or even cooked string beans in with the meat if you want to add veggies (and color!) to your rolls.
  4. Roll it up, then slice into circles.


Add a drink in a stainless steel drink holder and an organic fruit and you have a great lunch!

Zach’s "Kid Sushi" - GFCFSF


Zach’s "Kid Sushi" - GFCFSF – Cooking the Eggs
Zach’s "Kid Sushi" - GFCFSF – Putting Everything Together to Roll Up
Zach’s "Kid Sushi" - GFCFSF – eggs - Bamboo Sushi Roll Up Mat