Join TACA Executive Director, Lisa Ackerman, in this exclusive interview with Lois and David Kalmick, the founders of Speech Kingdom LLC. Inspired by therapies that worked for their ASD daughters, the Kalmicks assembled a team of experts to bring avatar-based social stories, fundamental skills mini-stories, and language games for use by both parents and professionals. Learn more about their journey to success and find out how you too can utilize the technologies they have successfully created to benefit your children right now.
David and Lois Kalmick founded the tech giant CompuLaw, the leader in software for law firms, in 1979. The Kalmicks are proud parents of triplet daughters, including twins that were diagnosed, at three years old, with ASD, Apraxia and more. The Kalmicks found that personalized social stories and visual learning therapies were incredibly effective for their children. After CompuLaw’s acquisition in 2011, the Kalmicks focused on using their technical expertise and experience to help autistic children. They assembled a team of top professionals and technical experts to create Speech Kingdom, bringing personalized social communication therapies, using those same proven methods, to other children on the spectrum.
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