Thank You

for your

Autism Hero Gift

TACA is honored to recognize Sun West Mortgage Company for their dedication to the welfare of families and grateful for this transformational gift that will nationally support four major programs. This incredible gift has the capacity to provide life-changing resources to more than 50,000 families affected by autism.

“As parents we all strive to ensure our children have a brighter future. TACA provides education and resources to families living with autism across the country, and we are proud to support them in their mission.”


Pavan Agarwal
CEO of Sun West Mortgage Company Inc. NMLS 3277

is supporting


Family Events

Inclusive events held in safe, supportive environments for all ages providing families with a judgement free place where they feel accepted.   


Adult Services

Addressing the extensive scope of challenges from housing, employment, health services, and independent living.


Virtual Parent Education

Online sessions lead by experienced parents of children diagnosed with autism providing valuable practical knowledge for parents.



Provides a wide range of educational tracks designed to deliver vital information for parents whose children are newly diagnosed as well as families with years of experience with autism.


Through their Autism Hero Gift, Sun West Mortgage is providing the following:


For families living with autism, education tools regarding home financing


For their customers, access to TACA conferences from October 2021 through October 2022