TACA designates March as a month long effort to educate parents about IEPs across the United States.

Learn as much as possible to prepare for your child’s IEP Meeting. The IEP (Individualized Education Program) is the foundation for your child’s education, and you are a very important member of the team that develops it. Increase your knowledge so that you can be an active, prepared member of your child’s IEP team. RSVP to save your chair at this very-knowledgeable table. If you are new to TACA, you’ll receive the Autism Journey Guide as a take-home resource.


Thursday, March 19 ⋅ 11:00 AM (EST)
IEPs and Inclusion with Catherine Whitcher

Join us for a Facebook Live with Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed. where she'll talk about a New View of Inclusion and then hold an "All Things IEP Q&A". Bring your questions about goals, placements, and services.