TACA+ Webinar Samples

Beginning Diet

with Kelly Steffens

Spelling to Communicate

with Elizabeth Vosseller, MA

Mitochondria, Autism & the Cell Danger Response

with Robert Naviaux, MD

Recognizing GI Symptoms & Signs in Poorly Communicative Children with Autism

with Arthur Krigsman, MD

TACA+ Webinar Archive List

Title Speaker
Best practices and what to avoid for individuals living with autism with Nancy O'Hara, MD Nancy O'Hara, MD
Daniel's recovery from autism and what recovery looks like 10 years later with Mary Romaniec Mary Romaniec
The art of managing professionals in autism with Lisa Ackerman Lisa Ackerman
The importance of developmental screening: Using digital tools to increase access to early intervention with Sarah Bobus Sarah Bobus
Big picture of autism treatments with Holly Riley Holly Riley
School At Home. Fun And practical ways to successfully teach your child during school closures with Leigh Wilson Leigh Wilson
Back to school IEP tips with Lynne Arnold Lynne Arnold
How to be your child's best IEP advocate with Christy Calbos, Esq Christy Calbos, Esq
Tips and strategies for parents and providers in process formalities and successful program design with Mark Woodsmall, Esq Mark Woodsmall, Esq
The IEP Cheat Sheet-What every parent should know about IEPS with Christy Calbos, Esq Christy Calbos, Esq
Primer on cannabinoids with Dane Fliedner, MD Dane Fliedner, MD
Mast Cells and Inflammation with Theoharis C. Theoharides, PhD Theoharis C. Theoharides, PhD
How enzymes help digestive issues and support the gut-brain connection with Devin Houston, PhD Devin Houston, PhD
COVID-19 19 and Autism with Dan Rossignol, MD Dan Rossignol, MD
Folate's role in speech and language issues in autism with Jared Skowron, ND Jared Skowron, ND
When anxiety is not anxiety with  Pejman Katiraei, DO Pejman Katiraei, DO
Autism and wireless exposure with Peter Sullivan, MS Peter Sullivan, MS
PANDAS/ PANS with Nancy O'Hara Nancy O'Hara
How to identify and address the our primary toxins keeping our kids sick with Tyler Lewis Tyler Lewis
Serotonin And Dopamine: hacks to improve behavior, focus, sleep and language with Jared Skowron, ND Jared Skowron, ND
Genetic testing in autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders: Focus on improving outcomes with Richard Boles, MD Richard Boles, MD
Beginning diet with Kelly Steffens Kelly Steffens
Autism and cannabis with David Berger, MD David Berger, MD
Seizures and autism with Dan Rossignol, MD Dan Rossignol, MD
Mitochondria, autism and the cell danger response with Robert Naviaux, MD
Integrating neurological and behavioral therapies to accelerate brain development with Robert Naviaux, MD Suzanne Goh, MD
Preconception Prevention Strategies: Parent health, supplementation and diet with Lanier Rossignol FNP-C Lanier Rossignol FNP-C
Preconception: Environmental prevention strategies with Nicole Rincon PA- C Nicole Rincon PA- C
Chelation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) with David Dornfeld, DO David Dornfeld, DO
Connecting the Dots: How to combine neurological treatment, functional medicine and therapy services with Suzanne Goh, MD Suzanne Goh, MD
Diet and nutrition interventions for autism  with Jim Adams, PhD Jim Adams, PhD
Lyme disease and coinfections with Darin Ingels, ND Darin Ingels, ND
Tackling chronic infections and biofilms with Anju Usman Singh, MD Anju Usman Singh, MD
A new evidence-based method for choosing the most effective treatments for autism with Dan Rossignol, MD Dan Rossignol, MD
Gut Health: A functional medicine approach with Kristin Shay, DC, MS Kristin Shay, DC, MS
Seizures & Brain Waves- Why EEG's are important in evaluating and treating autism with Ronald Aung-Din, MD Ronald Aung-Din, MD
Skill Development
Getting a child to start talking with Christi Reed, MS, BCBA Christi Reed, MS, BCBA
Apraxia and speech with Meredith Ivy White, MEd CCC-SLP Meredith Ivy White, MEd CCC-SLP
Understanding the nervous system, primitive reflexes and their role in autism with Erica Basso, DO Erica Basso, DO
Behavior strategies with Alison Hamilton Alison Hamilton
Social skills with Janice Kern Janice Kern
Narratives for conversation with Janice Guice, CCC-SLP Janice Guice, CCC-SLP
Sensory processing with Sara Weirich, MS, OTR/L Sara Weirich, MS, OTR/L
Best practices and outcomes in telehealth ABA: A guide for families with Kristine Rodriguez, BCBA Kristine Rodriguez, BCBA
Personalized, evidence-based social communication learning with speech kingdom with David and Lois Kalmick David and Lois Kalmick
Spelling to communicate with Elizabeth Vosseller, MA Elizabeth Vosseller, MA
A parents journey to presuming competence and utilizing multi - modal communication with their non-speaking child with Michelle and William Del Rosario Michelle and William Del Rosario
Critical Roles For Critical Competence with Janice Guice, CCC-SLP Janice Guice, CCC-SLP
Transition to Adulthood
The Autism Journey: transition from middle to high school to college: A journey so far with Lisa Ackerman Lisa Ackerman
Guardianship: Alternatives, what to consider, and how to do it with DJ Jeyaram, Esq DJ Jeyaram, Esq
Building a business for adults with disabilities with Jackie Moore Jackie Moore
The science behind Sulforaphane, the Avmacol¨ line: clinical trials and use with Brian Cornblatt, PhD and Chris D’Adamo, PhD Brian Cornblatt, PhD and Chris D’Adamo, PhD
Nutrition in autism as informed by the latest science with Richard Boles, MD Richard Boles, MD
Current GI research in children with Autism with Arthur Krigsman, MD Arthur Krigsman, MD
Cell danger response and autism: A Suramin update with Robert Naviaux, PhD Robert Naviaux, PhD
Microbiota transfer therapy with James Adams, PhD James Adams, PhD