GFCF Diet: Hints & Tips

Going gluten-free and casein-free was the hardest thing I have ever done. But after a month, it became second nature. The bottom line is my child eats much healthier than before and we have less stimmy behaviors, better night’s sleep, better “poops”, good behaviors, a ready-to-learn attitude, and wonderful eye contact. Did I mention the […]

Autism on Public Assistance: GFCFSF Diet on Food Stamps (Yes, you can!)

As the cornerstone of biomedical treatment, the Gluten-, Casein- and Soy-Free (GFCFSF) diet has resulted in tremendous progress for more than 90% of children with ASD who’ve tried it. The diet can be done many different ways, ranging from VERY expensive to very cheap – it all depends on how much premade food you buy […]