GFCFSF Diet: More Food Ideas

Here are some more: Glutino Pretzels Trader Joe’s Potato Puffs Trader Joe’s Organic Tortilla chips (just corn, salt, & lime) Gorilla Munch cereal Kiwi, mango, papaya HOMEmade french fries Scrambled eggs Turkey bacon Pancakes Hamburger meat Carrot sticks Erwhon Rice Twice Cereal Terra chips = Blues, Yukon Gold, other flavors are GF/CF and corn free […]

GFCF Diet: The Basics

Some Hints on Stocking Your Kitchen With the Basic Ingredients and Utensils When assigned with a new task that could greatly help your child (or children) many parents can go a little overboard. Especially when it comes to buying the GF CF items you need to have a fully loaded kitchen. This document attempts to outline some […]

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be tough on the GFCF diet if you don’t know where to go for the good stuff. Below are some ideas, tips and resources to make your Valentine’s Day special and yummy! As always, please check the ingredients to ensure that items listed are in fact gluten and casein free. Candy Chocolates […]


The first Thanksgiving after beginning the GFCFSF diet can be stressful and uncertain. Have no fear – help is here! Here are some frequently asked questions to help you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! How Do I Know If a Turkey is GFCFSF? Can We Still Have Ham? Does GFCFSF Whipped Cream Exist? Do I […]

Football Party Food Ideas

Football parties can be GFCF too! Below are some tried and true recipes to kick off a great time with good food. There are even some GF beers (for the adults of course!) Buffalo Wings “Chex-type” Snack Mix Deviled Eggs Teriyaki Wings Easy Sloppy Joe’s Pulled Pork Sandwiches Finger Foods – Food-on-a-stick! Chili Peanut Butter […]

GFCF Diet: Hints & Tips

Going gluten-free and casein-free was the hardest thing I have ever done. But after a month, it became second nature. The bottom line is my child eats much healthier than before and we have less stimmy behaviors, better night’s sleep, better “poops”, good behaviors, a ready-to-learn attitude, and wonderful eye contact. Did I mention the […]

Autism on Public Assistance: GFCFSF Diet on Food Stamps (Yes, you can!)

As the cornerstone of biomedical treatment, the Gluten-, Casein- and Soy-Free (GFCFSF) diet has resulted in tremendous progress for more than 90% of children with ASD who’ve tried it. The diet can be done many different ways, ranging from VERY expensive to very cheap – it all depends on how much premade food you buy […]