Oliver’s Autism Journey from sickness to better health

By Lea Googe – TACA Co-coordinator Texas We often look back and wonder just how Oliver got so sick. We have our suspicions. And we have our regrets. Our family has a combined medical history filled with autoimmune issues like diabetes, ALS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Rheumatic Fever, Rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, asthma, ADD, depression and […]

Probiotics, Lacto-Fermented Foods and Digestive Enzymes: Important additions to your Diet

Author: Jane Casey August 2013 Good health is, to a very large degree, dependent on a well functioning digestive tract. Digestion is the process of changing food into a form that they body can absorb into the blood, nourish cells and provide energy. Of all of the bodily functions, digestion has the greatest influence on […]

Lunch Box Ideas

The best, cheapest and easiest, lunchbox meals are leftovers. During the school week, every dinner I make, I just make one more serving and set it aside and that’s what my child takes to school for lunch the following day. Easy peasy! But for the days when that’s not an option, we offer helpful hints […]

Tips for Including Dietary Restrictions in Your Child’s IEP

By Holly Bortfeld When your child is on a special diet for medical reasons, getting the correct wording into your child’s IEP is very important to minimize dangerous infractions.   What parents must provide Parents must get a letter from their doctor stating that for medical reasons, your child cannot have certain foods (which must […]

GFCFSF Cooking Classes

TACA & Autism Live are proud to present Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free cooking classes Meat Puffs Mac and No Cheese Zucchini Muffins Chicken Nuggets Nutfree Breakfast Bars Pazones Kids Sushi Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies Meatballs Carrot Cake Gluten, Dairy, Egg & Yeast FREE home made pizza crust GFCFSF Banana bread GFCF “bourbon” chicken […]

Surviving the Winter Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful for everyone, BUT throw in autism and it can be over the top stressful!  Here are tips, ideas and strategies for making this season a little more joyful! Included below are submissions from parents like you who have been there/done that and want to share their advice on surviving […]

An Essential Handout For Teachers & Aides

Authors Mary Fry, Diane Gallant & Moira Giammetteo What Is the Gluten-Free, Casein-Free (GFCF) Diet? This is a dietary intervention to lessen the digestive and bowel, and behavioral issues sometimes found in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Recent research indicates that there are children with a genetic predisposition to the disorder, which is then […]

Pasos para lograr la transición a la dieta sin gluten, caseína y soya (GFCFSF) en 10 semanas

Antes de comenzar, prepárese leyendo toda la información disponible en nuestro sitio web de TACA y entonces elija una fecha para iniciar la dieta.  El mejor momento para comenzar la dieta es durante las vacaciones escolares de primavera, verano o invierno pues es cuando usted está con su hijo/a diariamente las 24 horas del día […]

Hidden Sources of Gluten

Some of this information was provided by the GFCFDiet.com. Please go there if you need further information. Thanks! Gluten is EVERYWHERE! Not just in the foods we eat, but the world our child lives in! Here are a list of hidden sources of gluten: Everyday Products: Lip stick / lip balm (use Burts beeswax lip […]

Como Tratar Reacciones Negativas al Comenzar la Dieta sin Gluten, Caseína y Soya (GFCFSF)

Ya empezó la dieta libre de gluten, caseína y soya (GFCFSF) con su niño/a y ahora ve que éste está reaccionando con mucha hiperactividad y comportamientos negativos. Aquí le ofrecemos algunas sugerencias fáciles que puede tratar en casa para poder ayudar a su niño a superar estos momentos temporeros en el cual su cuerpo y sistema digestivo ha acumulado […]

GFCFSF: Ingredientes y Sustitutos

Libre de gluten, caseína y soya (GFCFSF, por sus siglas en inglés) La siguiente información lo ayudará a descubrir la gran cantidad de sustitutos posibles que pueden usarse al empezar una dieta GFCFSF. Sustitutos de la harina Sustitutos de la leche Aceite, margarina y mantequilla Sustitutos del huevo Azúcar y edulcorantes Libre de maíz Vainilla […]

GFCFSF Diet on a Budget

By Holly Bortfeld So, you’ve chosen to start your child on the GFCF (gluten-free, casein-free) diet but wondering which bank you will have to rob to be able to pay for the special foods needed, right? Before you get out your ski mask, here are some hints that might help. There are several approaches to […]

GFCFSF School Supplies

Pre-K, Elementary School List A child on the gluten-free/casein-free (GFCF) diet can be 100% on the diet and fail to make the grade if their school supplies have forbidden ingredients. Parents need to be diligent and work with school staff to absolutely make sure every aspect of their children’s school environments are completely GFCF, right […]

GFCFSF Ingredients and Substitutions

The following will help you navigate the many possible substitutions when converting to GFCFSF. Flour Substitutes Milk Substitutes Oils, Margarines and Butter Egg Substitutes Sugars and Sweeteners Corn-Free Vanilla and Vinegars “Soy” and Worcestershire Sauce Beef-Free Gelatin   GFCFSF Flours There are many possible combinations of flours you can mix to use in recipes. Please […]