Talk About the Holidays

We know that holiday gatherings can sometimes be very challenging for the families we serve. TACA Volunteers have been known to use their own experiences to help other families have better experiences. Whether you will be hosting a family affected by autism or you are looking for information to share with a potential host regarding […]

Hope for the Holidays

Hope for Holidays: Autism Tips and Strategies from TACA Coordinators Across the United States The holiday season is a stressful time for many families but throw in autism and it can push it over the top.  TACA Coordinators have put together some helpful tips and suggestions for not only surviving this holiday season, but enjoying […]

Trick or TREAT!

You shouldn’t be scared to face Halloween because you have a child with special needs By Lisa Ackerman All the fun trick or treating that comes with Halloween is something most families look forward to. For those living with a special needs child, this holiday can be a nightmare worse than any authentic ghoul or […]