Tax Strategies for Parents of Kids with Special Needs – TCJA of 2017

The original article on this topic has been of great assistance to many parents. This update will discuss what has changed under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017. As with the original article, all information presented in this article is educational in nature and is not to be considered tax advice. Please […]

FREE Legal Clinics

NEW! TACA Legal Advocacy Program Collaborates with the Special Education Law Firm to provide FREE Legal Clinics TACA, in collaboration with the Special Education Law Firm (SELF), will be hosting monthly FREE legal advice clinics for TACA families. Services for this clinic will be provided by SELF attorneys and advocates and members of TACA’s ProBono […]

Resources for Legal Assistance

When seeking legal advocacy, please note that TACA provides external resources for our families. Our support services are limited to parent support and legal questions are referred out to organizations that have expertise in this area. There are many resources available to special needs families that will assist you in finding local legal advocacy resources: National […]

Tax Strategies for Parents of Kids with Special Needs

Tax Strategies for Parents of Kids with Special Needs – Updated for Obamacare December 1, 2013 By Regina M. Levy, CPA The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), known as OBAMACARE, has some significant implications for special needs families. While we are just beginning to see how far reaching this act is, I am […]

Clinicas Legales Gratis en el Sur de California 2015

Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), en colaboración con la firma Special Education Law Firm (SELF) ofrecerán clínicas de asesoramiento jurídico de educación especial mensualmente y de forma gratuita para familias de TACA. Los servicios para esta clínica serán proveídos por abogados y defensores de la firma SELF y también de parte de miembros del “Pro […]

Ideas on Hiring & Paying for a Special Education Attorney

Based on the extremely complex and legal nature of the early intervention process many families hire a Special Education Attorney or Advocate to help them navigate this crucial area. Based on this step many TACA families who hire an attorney seem to obtain more services as recommended by the professionals that consult to their families.  […]

TACA Legal Education Webinars

In collaboration with Trumpet Behavioral Health, TACA is please to offer several webinars regarding the state ABA insurance mandate that took effect on July 1, 2012. These webinars are designed to help you navigate the insurance system to obtain ABA and other therapeutic services for children with autism. Upcoming Legal Education Webinars Webinar #5 – […]

California Law On Health Care Reimbursement

Christopher E. Angelo, Attorney at Law, has been kind enough to provide us with his updated summary of the law of private insurer special needs state mandates.  He also includes an attachment of the Illinois Wheeler decision that also provides assistance to parents. In addition, he has provided a form claim letter. Christopher E. Angelo […]

IEP – Special Education: Tips & Links

Check list of items to remember: Audiotape every IEP meeting (with district or regional center) School district needs to know in writing 24 hours prior to meeting Note: Even when your attorney tapes a meeting – you should also tape each meeting. Tape players fail! Do all communication in writing (if verbal, follow up in writing) If […]

The Fundamentals of Special Education: What Parents Need to Know

By Timothy A. Adams, Esq.   What Is Special Education? Federal law defines special education as specifically designed instruction, at no cost to the parent, designed to meet the unique needs of a child with disabilities. Instruction can include classroom and home instruction as well as instruction provided in hospitals and institutions. The Individuals with […]

Legal Planning & Special Needs Trusts

Proper planning for your child’s future requires documentation, and all of these require a lawyer. Last Will and Testament Describes how you want your estate distributed and appoints a guardian for your child. In some cases it should not distribute assets to a child with special needs, which may jeopardize any aid they receive. Letter […]