Vaccination Choices for Families with Autism

Updated: November 2011 Authors: The TACA Physician Advisory Board – Dr. Bob Sears, M.D. & Dr. David Berger, M.D. Families affected by autism face some tough decisions regarding vaccination, not only for their child with autism, but for other children in the family as well. TACA supports informed consent and parental choice for all aspects of medical care […]

What Autism Symptoms Mean

I. Medical Treatment Basics Overview II. Why Does My Child Do THAT? III. Definition of Terms Used I. Medical Treatment Basics Overview What is Medical Treatment? Children with autism almost always have medical conditions that cause or make the symptoms of autism worse. Treating those conditions makes the child healthier and when they are in […]

Teens with ASD: Medical Treatment with an Older Child

The future depends on what we do in the present. – Mahatma Gandhi Medical Interventions are not just for the very young. The beautiful thing about medical intervention is that there is no “window” during which medical treatments will only work, but rather we’ve seen many families start medical treatments with teens and adults with […]

Teens with ASD: Puberty – What to Expect, Seizures, Anxiety, Sexuality

The future depends on what we do in the present. – Mahatma Gandhi Puberty Sexuality Seizures Anxiety For Girls Only Suggested Reading   Puberty: The Great Equalizer I have always called puberty the “great equalizer” because I have seen so many kids drastically change, good or bad, during puberty. Some children, with no changes in […]

Common Co-Morbid Disorder ICD9 Codes

The following is a list of commonly used ICD9 (diagnosis codes) for the co-morbid disorders ASD children may have. There is also a list of commonly used tests with their ICD9 codes. ICD9 code ICD9 wording 034.0 Streptococcal sore throat 054.9 Herpes simplex without mention of complication 088.81 Lyme disease 112.5 Systemic candidiasis 112.82 Candidal […]

What is it? When Something Isn’t Right…

Strange Behaviors, A Plateau, An Old Self Stims This is a tricky process, involving supplements, dietary interventions, food allergies, additives, sleep issues, medical intervention, daily behavioral therapy, and other therapies – it is a lot to worry about! Parents with doctors assistance are always seem to be checking, changing, deleting, and adding ideas to your […]

Vaccines – Litigation: The Hannah Poling Case: Concession Analysis

Understanding the Hannah Poling Concession Misconceptions in the Press There are many inaccuracies surrounding the federal government’s concession that Hannah Poling’s autism was caused by vaccinations. At the CDC’s March 6, 2008 teleconference with the media, Dr. Julie Gerberding stated, “We also recognize that some of the information that’s being promulgated about this particular situation […]

Vaccines – Litigation: The Hannah Poling Case: Significance For Families Affected By Autism?

By Becky Estepp – TACA Mom March 6, 2008 was a very historic day for families dealing with autism, especially for those who believe in vaccine-induced autism.  This was the day that the Poling Family from Georgia spoke out for the first time about their daughter’s vaccine case.  Hannah Poling’s case was conceded by the […]

Vaccines – Litigation: Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Link

News Stories Linking Vaccines to Autism Landmark Federal Court Concession – Child Developed Autism From Vaccines Reprinted from NAA Media Advisory CHILD JOINS PARENTS IN PRESS CONFERENCE ABOUT THIS HISTORIC RESULT MARCH 6, 2008 AT THE ATLANTA FEDERAL COURTHOUSE PRESS CONFERENCE THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 2008  – 11:30 AM U.S. FEDERAL COURTHOUSE STEPS 75 SPRING STREET […]

Vaccines – Litigation: Child with PDD-NOS (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Compensated for Damage from the MMR Vaccine

Statement prepared by: Rebecca Estepp                  Contact Phone: (949) 640-4401 February 25, 2009 Who is Bailey Banks? Last night the world learned of another child, Bailey Banks, (who is on the Autism Spectrum) has received compensation under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and David Kirby reported on Bailey’s explosive story […]

Vaccines – General: Preventing Vaccine Reactions

Before you vaccinate, ask and do not vaccinate if: Is my child sick right now? If yes, WAIT! Reschedule your appointment!! Has my child had a bad reaction to a vaccination before? Get a medical exemption from that vaccine to prevent future adverse reactions! Does my child have a personal or family history of: Vaccine […]

Medical Testing, Common Issues & Treatment Information

First Things First In the American Academy of Pediatrics Physicians’ references, there are very few “standards of care” for children affected with autism. Standards of care are used to define necessary treatments by health insurance companies and the providers of services and treatments. In addition these standards are created so health insurance companies know what […]

Ideas To Help Your Child Take Supplements

Vitamin supplementation is a road often traveled for families with children on the autism spectrum. Varied dietary issues, careful food choices and food intolerances make it hard to make sure each child gets all the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body. Here are some suggestions for getting supplements and medications (as needed) into […]

The Parent’s Role in Biomedical Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders

By Lisa Ackerman – December 2006 Nothing is more heartbreaking for parents than receiving the label of “autism” for their beloved child. Hopes and dreams for a child never include this devastating diagnosis. As follow-up appointments come and go, many families, including mine, have heard this statement from professionals: “There is nothing you can do.” […]

Autism Research Institute (ARI) Parent Ratings of Behavioral Effects of Biomedical Interventions

Autism Research Institute ● 4182 Adams Avenue ● San Diego, CA 92116 [Excerpt of article cited from ARI Publ. 34/March 2009] Download the full article here. February 2008 The parents of children affected by autism represent a vast and important reservoir of information on the benefits—and adverse effects— of the large variety of drugs and […]